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True Life: I’m Obsessed With My Little Black Tee

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Confession: I’m absolutely,  positively , without a doubt obsessed with my little black tee. Not just one little black tee, I have a stock pile. The t-shirts are typically fitted, but occasionally I’ll pick up a more relaxed fit t-shirt. I have them in long ,short, and even cap sleeve. Here’s the extent of my obsession , if I’m out shopping and can’t find anything,  I’m definitely leaving with a black tee. I can’t help it. The little black tee is the perfect basic.



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But finding the perfect t-shirt isn’t as easy as it may sound. It really lies in the hand of the buyer. What do you really have in mind and how much are you willing to spend.

If I’m looking for a short-sleeve tee I would prefer it to be thicker with a crew neck. I’m not a big fan of the scoop neck.  Sometimes I’ll grab a v-neck t-shirt if I’m feeling bold, but I’ll prefer the cotton to be on the thicker side as well. If I’m going for a relaxed fit, I prefer the t-shirt to be lightweight and on the sheer side. I love the jersey feel.  Nothing heavy at all.

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When it comes to cost, I refuse to pay more than $15 for a t-shirt. Some designer brands will set you back upwards of $150 for a plain black tee. No way on GOD’s green earth would I shell out that kind of cash for a t-shirt. I usually grab my tee’s from H&M, TargetGAP, T.J. Maxx , and Forever 21.

Style-files-Pretty-Price-Black -Moto-Jacket-Michael Kors-Silve-heel-PumPs-Thrifted-Skirt-Oohlalablog-

I have this t-shirt thing  down to a science and it’s because I refuse to look at the tee’s as undergarments. It’s a piece of my wardrobe.  My black tee is perfect under a blazer , leather jacket, or funky vest. It can stand alone with a pair of skinny jeans and heels. My black tee has gotten me out of so many ” I have nothing to wear ” moments.

Style-files-Pretty-Price-Black -Moto-Jacket-Michael Kors-Silve-heel-PumPs-Thrifted-Skirt-Oohlalablog-10


I’ve had this fun skirt for more than a year. It’s one of my fabulous thrift store finds. It’s been sitting in my closet because I had nothing to wear with it. Last week I  got tired of just looking at it and pulled it off the hanger . I was determined to wear it and my little black tee came bailed me out again.  I made it an all black moment.

Style-files-Pretty-Price-Black -Moto-Jacket-Michael Kors-Silve-heel-PumPs-Thrifted-Skirt-Oohlalablog-18


How would have thought a plain black cotton shirt could become a wardrobe life saver?


Outfit Details

Skirt: Thrifted

 Tee: Target , Get it Here

Heels: Michael Kors “Zady” Heels, get them Here

Jacket: Forever 21 , Sold out online, similar Here and Here

Live, Love, Laugh



















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