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Style Files: Living Fearlessly


No more playing it safe. That’s what I told myself a year ago. I promised myself that I would push boundaries and have more fun in every aspect of my life.This was my New Year’s resolution in 2014. I was so sure I would stick with it, I even wrote about here on Ooh La La Blog. It’s something about a public announcement that puts the pressure on you to stick to your word.





I would like to think I’m upholding my end of the bargain. I took the biggest leap in my career and did something that scared my to death. I moved hundreds of miles away to an unknown land to take a major step in my career. I’m no longer  in my comfort zone, or surrounded by people and places I know.




A year later I’m  reflect on the entire process and how fearful I was about moving. But I would also like to think of how fearless I was to make this decision. My mom reminds me of how brave I was to make the move.





I also promised to be fearless with my fashion choices. Long gown are the days of playing it safe to avoid disapproving stares. I’m a card carrying member of team too much and I make no apologies about it. The floor length shaggy coat is enough to prove that I’ve held on to my promise. I’ve had the coat since my senior year of high school and only worn it once.  It’s kinda crazy I was making bold style choices like this at the age of 17.




What’s also crazy is the fact it took me nearly 13 years to wear the coat.  I had been so afraid to wear what I really wanted in fear it would be too much for the occasion. No more. I’m drenched in sequins at Starbucks and rocking furs to Target.


I’m doing me and having fun along the way. Take risks. Be fearless.

Outfit Details
Coat: BeBe (13 Years Ago) Similar Here , Here, and Here
Jeans: WetSeal (5 Years Ago),  Cool Jeans Here
Boots: JustFab,  Similar Here
Blazer: Thrifted, Cute Blazer HERE

Live, Love , Laugh



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