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I’ve been in Rochester nine months and I still plug every destination into my GPS. Pathetic huh? It’s my lifeline folks. It’s a devastating feeling to get lost in unfamiliar territory. My goal is to get acquainted with my new home.To be sure of it, I’ve challenged myself to try three new things in Rochester every month.

I started this challenge last month, and to make sure I follow through I’m documenting my adventures right here on Ooh La La. September is almost over, so I need to kick things in overdrive.

Last month I started kickboxing, saw my first LPGA championship game, and enjoyed my first Park Ave Festival (it’s a big deal here).

Sweeties, have you ever moved away from home or stepped out of your comfort zone? How did you adapt to your new environment.

Sometimes I wonder where did I find the courage to move nearly 1,000 miles away from my hometown to a brand new place where I didn’t know a soul.

Yeah, that one still amazes me. Now that I’m here I want to make the best of it. This month I have a few new things I want to experience here. Skating at a roller rink tops my list. I want to catch a movie this month (seriously, I haven’t been to the movies since 2013). Since I’m smack dab at the center of wine country, I want to go wine tasting.

I hope I can make each of these activities a reality this month. Be sure to check back throughout the month to see what kind of adventure I’m taking part in.

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