Life + Style with PrettyPrice: Bad Music Can Be A Buzz Kill

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 · No Comments

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Happy Tuesday Sweeties!

I’m starting a new series here on Ooh La La and it will showcase more of my life. Not that my life is anything special, but it’s an effort for you guys to learn more about me. It will also serve as place for me to express myself. I’m still working on a name, but for now I’m calling it” Life + Styles with PrettyPrice.” It’s my life sprinkled with a little style and this past weekend is a great place to start.


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So my fab friend, Demetria (pictured above) is turning 31 this week and her beau was in town to celebrate. He wanted to surprise her with a birthday shindig so he enlisted our help.

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Originally we planned a brunch, but the brunch turned into a lunch, and then the lunch turned into a late dinner. Thankfully everyone’s schedule was flexible. I suggested Kinza, a Japanese Restaurant.

When we finally arrived to the restaurant, Demetria and her boo, Ryan were already eating so she was totally surprised that all her friends were there to interrupt their romantic dinner.


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We came in with balloons and cards, greeting her with tons of happy birthdays. She was so surprised she almost shed a tear. She’s a sap so I expected the tears.

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After the big surprise, we all sat down for dinner. Everyone else had sushi, but I had spring rolls and chicken fried rice instead. I know. I’m so boring when it comes to food, but nothing about raw fish sounds appetizing.

Over dinner we got caught up on reality t.v scoop. We all agree we love Rev. Ron Wilson from the Preacher’s of LA. We laughed at Deitrick Haddon and his wife Dominique.

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We also chatted about the Real Housewives of Atlanta. While me and the “Birthday Girl” were proclaiming this season as the best yet, our other gal pal, Kim ( pictured above in white vest) refused to comment. She hates the show. She’s from Atlanta and says the show gives her city a bad name. She suggested we dish on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or Miami.

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After frying our brain cells chatting about reality TV, we spent the rest of dinner encouraging each others to make the next step in our careers.

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Once dinner was over we headed for drinks at a lounge where we met more friends. My girl Ebone came through ( pictured above in the pink blazer).

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The drinks were great,but the music that played in the background was horrible. Great music is a must. But I admit my kind of music isn’t universal. However, I think old school rap and R&B never hurt anyone. We didn’t let the screeching cats playing over the speakers ruin the night, even though it was a slight buzz kill.

We ended the night with tons of hugs and plans for the next outings. I love my girls. They’re fabulous!


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