Style Files With Pretty Price: I Wore A White and Black Striped Nautical Jacket, H&M Skinny Jeans, and Unif Spiked Loafers

Monday, April 22, 2013 · No Comments

White-Black-Striped -Blazer-unif-spike-loafers-lucite-bib-necklace-9

I love a lazy Saturday and I was expecting to have one of my own, until I got a phone call inviting me to brunch. My plans for a chill day turned into hours of shopping, apartment hunting, and eating. I really didn’t know what to wear for the day because I always feel I’m going to overdressed for the occasion. I live in a small town and anything I wear is a bit too much. So out of fear I would be over dressed I kept my look casual for the day. I channeled my version of street chic.

White-Black-Striped -Blazer-unif-spike-loafers-lucite-bib-necklace-2-1

For this look I shopped by own closet and pulled out my dark denim skinny jeans. I bought those jeans from H&M in 2006. Throwback for real , right?

White-Black-Striped -Blazer-unif-spike-loafers-lucite-bib-necklace-3-1

I paired my jeans with a white and black nautical style jacket from Forever 21 and a black tee from H&M.
White-Black-Striped -Blazer-unif-spike-loafers-lucite-bib-necklace-4-1

I finished the look with a Lucite bib necklace from H&M and Unif spiked loafers.

White-Black-Striped -Blazer-unif-spike-loafers-lucite-bib-necklace-7-1

Sweeties, how do you feel about my orange lippie? I rocked MAC’s “Morange” with “Nice To Be Nice” lipgloss on top.
White-Black-Striped -Blazer-unif-spike-loafers-lucite-bib-necklace-6-1

And what do you think of my version of “Street Chic?” Have I inspired you to shop your closet?

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