Style Files with PrettyPrice: White and Black Custom Blazer, Mossimo Tuxedo Ankle Pants, and Jessica Simpson “Waleo” Pumps

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My weekend was beyond amazing. I celebrated my grandma’s 75th birthday in a MAJOR way. The family threw her a surprise party and I played host. I had a few things up my sleeve, which included a tribute video. The smile on her face was priceless. Continue Reading »

Style Files with PrettyPrice: Forever 21 Faux Leather Skater Skirt, Joyrich Minnie Mouse Tee, Thrifted Mustard Blazer, and Sam Edelman “Uma” Booties

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Style-Files-with- PrettyPrice-Forever-21- Faux-Leather-Skater- Skirt-Joy-Rich-Minnie- Mouse-Tee-Thrifted- Mustard-Blazer-Sam Edelman-Uma- Booties-6

After having a great Monday last week, I was hoping for the same this week. WRONG. All WRONG. It was kind of awful,Sweeties. I won’t bore you with the particulars, but understand I had serious #ReporterProblems. Even through the yucky stuff, there was a glimmer of sunshine. I met former SEC Head Referee Dick Burleson. Burleson officiated SEC games for 25 years. How cool?

Anyway, today’s a new day and I’m sure it will be great!!!!! If not, I will just reminisce on my amazing weekend in Birmingham with family. Now that’s a story worth sharing. Continue Reading »

Style Files with PrettyPrice: Red and White Thrifted Polka Dot Dress, Black Zigi Soho Pumps, and a Black Quilted Chain Purse

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Style-Files-with- PrettyPrice-Red-and -White-Thrifted-Polka Dot-Sheath-Dress- Black-Zigi-Soho-Pumps-Black-Qulited- Chain-Purse-12

The calender may say its Fall, but here in Alabama it still feels like summer, hence the sleeveless dress. I’ve been dieing to rock this red polka dot number since July and jumped on the chance to wear it last week. Continue Reading »

Style Files With Pretty Price: I Wore A White and Black Striped Nautical Jacket, H&M Skinny Jeans, and Unif Spiked Loafers

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White-Black-Striped -Blazer-unif-spike-loafers-lucite-bib-necklace-9

I love a lazy Saturday and I was expecting to have one of my own, until I got a phone call inviting me to brunch. My plans for a chill day turned into hours of shopping, apartment hunting, and eating. I really didn’t know what to wear for the day because I always feel I’m going to overdressed for the occasion. I live in a small town and anything I wear is a bit too much. So out of fear I would be over dressed I kept my look casual for the day. I channeled my version of street chic. Continue Reading »

Style Guide: What Should I Wear To A Play?

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When I saw those gold sequined pants I fell in LOVE!!! I based this look around the gold pants.  I added a casual white button up to give the look a dressed down feel.  When the look was finished I thought it would be great look for a play. I haven’t been to a Broadway show since I was 10 so I’m not sure on the dress code, but I remember I had to dress up for the show. Would you wear this look to a play? Continue Reading »

Style Guide: What Can I Wear to Sunday Brunch?

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I love ” Style Guide” posts! I get to invoke my personal style on you guys. The posts serve as fashion inspiration. If you like any of the pieces featured grab them! I put this look together and it screamed BRUNCH! What do you think of the look? Would you wear the pieces to brunch with the girls? Continue Reading »

Style Files: Stripes, Shorts, and Turquoise

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As some of you  may know my Birthday was last Thursday, and to celebrate some of my friends threw my a surprise party. It was a very small party, but it was so special because  people thought enough of  little ole me  to through me a shin-dig!   My family (a small portion) also came down to celebrate with me.  I have a few snapshots of the party, but these pictures are from Saturday’s dinner with the fam-bam! Continue Reading »

Style Files: Street Chic

Friday, May 4, 2012 · 2 Comments

I dined out Saturday with a group of young professionals and I opted for a street chic look.  I consider street chic as a look that’s edgy but polished at the same time. For the dinner party I went with a grey  blazer, blue harem pants, a black fitted tee, and glitter pumps.  Continue Reading »