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Bold patterns, vibrant colors, and sexy silhouettes are just snippets of Chasity Pritchett’s closet. The Macon, Georgia native is known for her high energy  and fashion forward pieces. Chasity describes her style as dramatic and romantic. She says, “My style is always a surprise, you can never guess what’s next. ” While she’s  keeping  the people guessing what’s next , we know one thing is for sure, whatever Chasity steps out in will be a show stopper.

Chasity isn’t afraid to push the envelope, sometimes breaking and making the fashion rules along the way. For those reasons, Ooh La La Blog chose Chasity Pritchett as our ” Fly Philosophy” feature.  Coming from a long line of style savvy people, Chasity was destined to be FIERCE, with a wardrobe to be reckoned with.  Her passion for fashion, inspired her to start her own styling and consulting business. Chasity says, ” I inspire, build confidence, and encourage my clients that style plays a big role in their lifestyle.”

While this  stylist loves designers like Tory Burch and Rachel Roy, she especially appreciates a fabulous find from her favorite store J C Penny’s.

J C Penny’s carries hot designers at a lower price, proving our fashionista is also a budgetnista! Chasity is open to all  pieces, but it’s one that’s not welcome in her closet, and that’s gladiator style sandals.

Chasity is creating her own lane in the fashion industry, and is one to look out for.  Ooh La La Blog respects your drive and your style.  We salute you. To check out just how fly Chasity is Continue Reading »


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Bright colors, brilliant jewels, and high quality textiles, are no stranger to this Detroit native’s wardrobe. Jade exudes both flamboyance and extravagance justifying them as two major determinants to her style.  Jade says “When I get dressed I dress to be seen, PERIOD”.  She later says “I keep myself standing out in the crowd on a consistency with my DOPE ATTIRE because this is what I do”, and for that reason Ooh La La chose her as our Friday Fly Philosophy feature.

Jade describes her Fly Philosophy as beyond what her eye can see. When she go shopping she naturally pick items seen in magazines, or ones that haven’t been seen at all for that matter. She doesn’t discriminate in designers or the price region when it comes to purchasing a hot item. This show-stopper is also a budget-buster.  She says “I also love the cheap stores as I prefer to call them as well.” Jade doesn’t mind sharing the prices for a dope cop especially if it was a steal. She even give numerous reviews on items she purchased on-line.

Studying Fashion Merchandising at The Art Institute of Michigan, Jade plans to land her visions as Visual Merchandiser for stores such as Nordstroms, Saks, Neiman Marcus or Louis Vuitton.  Besides being a full-time employee and a part-time student, Jade is also “Mommy” to her two year old daughter and fashion protege Parisa.  Jades says “Parisa who is just as fly as I at 2 rocks the latest like Mommy”.  Those brands are Burberry, Juicy Couture, American Apparel, True Religion, Frye and David Yurman just to name a few.

Taking on the action as religious on-line shopper, Jade’s web browser may contain sites such as Net-a-Porter, Shopbop & Asos. At any given time you may spot Jade tearing up her favorite department stores/boutiques- 110 Couture in Birmingham, MI, Nordstroms, or Lost & Found.

Jade fashion pet-peeve is to see clothing that doesn’t fit. She says ” Style, it is what it is, it’s yours but when you have to CRAM yourself into it, it’s a fashion NO NO!  Jade leaves us with a quote of her own “Dre$$ FLY or DIE trying”.  Well from one fashion connoisseur to the next Ooh La La tips our hat to you.  To see just how fly Jade is Continue Reading »


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Unique style combined with a key concentration for rarity are two factors that stand out on this New Jersey native. From t-shirt, fitted cap, and a pair of Air Jordans one day to a fedora hat, CDG cardigan and Gucci rain boots the next; Spencer Harvey sense of style ranges in depth. He eliminates chicness that is usually defined through high-end fashion and haute couture, and for that reason Ooh La La chose him as our Friday Fly Philosophy feature.

Twenty-five year old Tuskegee chemical engineer graduate and active army occupant, Spencer Harvey can be spotted shopping at WishAtl, UBIQ, and Barneys. His web browser history may contain exclusive sites like,, and even EBAY for that matter. Harvey says “Gotta be diverse change up every once in a while”. This explains why his clothing attire varies from names like Levi’s, Comme Des Garcons, Gucci, to Nike, Original Fake, Undftd, Supreme NYC, Stussy, etc. He also loves sunglasses naming Prada and Oliver Peoples as his favorite.

Harvey prides himself as a prominent dresser adorning a tailored fit and avoiding baggy clothes. This one to one type of guy says “If somebody else has it, I dont want it”. Hence, all the items he own are collaboration pieces and/or not made in masses. He absolutely hate when people follow trends and encourage others to do the same by saying “Be yourself homie and don’t follow the crowd”. Well from one fashion connoisseur to the next Ooh La La tips our hat to you.
To see just how fly Harvey is Continue Reading »


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Dope T-Shirts or a mean button-up usually do the trick for this Detroit native. Twenty-six year old music producer and graphic arts designer, Omar has a keen sense in style aesthetics and presentation. He appreciates fashion as an art form, and for that reason Ooh La La chose him as our Friday Fly Philosophy feature. Omar credits his love of fashion to the city he calls home, Detroit MI . He says, “In my city you have to dress nice, no exception.” He has certainly gotten the job done, by displaying his less is more style.

Omar shops by the creed, “I can’t snatch it, if I can’t match it.” He says he have to match….coordination is key. He’s an avid online shopper, spending his dollars at sites like KARMALOOP, MOOSESHIRTS, and KIX-FILES. There’s several more, but we can’t give away all of Omar’s hot spots!

You will never catch him in baggy clothes, but does admit a slight sag is essential every now and then. He sends a message to all you folks that’s still wearing AIR FORCE 1’s, “CTRL-ALT-DELETE YO’ SELF,” unless you’re rocking the Nike Foamposite edition he saw here on Ooh La La

To see just how fly Omar is Continue Reading »