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Accessories are the key to any look and to make sure you have that perfect piece to upgrade your look Venisha Warren launched Dainty Jewels .  It’s an online accessories boutique that started with one goal in mind, provide affordable pieces that can be transformed from casual to dressy.  The Detroit native was influenced by her mother and aunt at an early age. She said it was those days as child  when she dressed up in her mother and aunt’s clothes, shoes, and their  jewelry that sparked her love for fashion, especially jewelry.  Ooh La La Blog had the chance to talk with the  woman behind  Dainty Jewels and found out what it takes to be a successful business woman and just what to expect for accessory boutique.

Ooh La La: What inspired to start your own company?

I was inspired to start my own company because often I’ve walked  into stores and wished that I could put my own input on what THEY have. I would see a top that I wished came in a different color. I would imagine an accessory in my head that could accent a certain outfit, but I couldn’t find it and eventually I started thinking why don’t I put my own input on what I desire.

Ooh La La: Why did you pick accessories as your focal point for your business?

I chose accessories because regardless of your outfit choice or where you got it from, your accessories have the ability to make, break, and differentiate from the next person who may have on a similar look.

Ooh La La: How do you like the fashion industry as a business? Is it different then what you were expecting or is it exactly what you pictured?

The fashion industry as a business has been GREAT! There is always an opportunity to learn and observe new things and concepts. I would have to say it’s different than what I expected.  I envisioned networking to be a hard task and  it’s NOT at all. I don’t have many bad experiences within the fashion industry.

Ooh La La: What’s the most best and difficult part about running your own label/company?

The best part is picking the jewels! I LOVE knowing that the things I personally like and choose are well received. The worse part is making sure that items are as EXCLUSIVE as possible, I may want to stock an enormous quanitity of an item because I absolutely love it but I have to keep in mind that we don’t want the entire world walking around with the same accessories on!

Ooh La La: Can you give any advice to upcoming entrepreneurs?

Find a business that you like, DON’T COPY but observe their business practices and see what works for them and determine how you can incorporate some of those practices in with your own but remember to stay true to yourself and your brand!

Ooh La La: What’s your fashion philosophy?

My fashion philosophy is comfortable chic, I like anything that feels good and fits. Accessories play a big part in dressing up an outfit that could be considered casual for me.

Ooh La La: How can  readers connect with you?
Twitter: @daintyjewels

I love the yellow and fuchsia bracelets and  I’m a sucker for spikes so I’m definitely making my shopping list. More importantly I love  to see young women succeeding in their business endeavours.  Now Everybody run over to  Dainty Jewels and  go crazy!!! Make sure you let us know what you bought.

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