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This may be one of the toughest REAL or STEAL’s to figure out. Which shoe is a limited edition Giuseppe shoe and which shoe can  you find at your local mall any where in the country? To find out if your guess is right

If you guessed the shoe on the left as the REAL DEAL your absolutely right! These are the limited edition Embellished Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toe Ankle booties. It’s alleged that  it was only 100 of these shoes made.

Some of your favorite celebrities have been seen rocking these shoes lately. The booties first appeared on Beyonce’s feet during her performance at the 52nd Grammy’s, which was Feburary of this year.

Check out the rest of  the celebrities who have been spotted wearing the embellished Giuseppe Zanotti Peep-toe Ankle Booties.

Now for the fun part…. here’s the STEAL

The shoe on the right is the STEAL. You can get this steal at Bakers Shoe store. It’s called GLITZ WP  and the price has just been reduced to $179.99. These shoes are an inexpensive version of the Giuseppe shoe. You can get your bling-bling-pow on for considerable less.

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