Reader Request: Can You Recreate This Look For Less?

J’Vawnna writes, ” I need your help with piecing together an outfit for homecoming! lol I saw this picture on pinterest … I think it would be the perfect tailgating/football game fit… but I have no idea where to start to look for each article of clothing…for the el cheapo , can you help me?!”

This is great style inspiration. We would love to help check out these looks. No problem J’Vawnna, here are two looks we put together.

High waist jeans and Kimonos are on trend so you should have several options when you start shopping.  In this look the high waist jeans are $68,  the Kimono  is $30, the bra top is $7, and the sandals are $100.  Click HERE for a detailed look.

Here’s another option to choose from. Get a detailed look HERE

We hope this helps J’Vawnna!

Main Picture:

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