Reader Request: What Should I Wear With My Nude Pumps

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 · No Comments

Tan writes, ” Let’s see what you can do. What should I wear with my nude Christian Louboutin Pumps? ”  Well Tan, the possibilities are endless when it comes to nude colored pumps. Since it’s a neutral color it’s perfect for pretty much any look you have in mind.   

After speaking with Tan’s family I was given strict guidelines. Tan’s doesn’t wear skirts, dresses, or blazers. She’s a jeans and heels type of woman.  I tried to follow all the guidelines, but instead of jeans I went with a mint green pant.

I paired the pants with an orange silk blouse and multicolored snakeskin bag.

Since I wasn’t told not to touch color, I went crazy.   Nude’s can go bland, so color balances everything out.  Nude pumps are essential for your wardrobe this spring so Tan was right on target. If you’re loving spring’s latest trend  or any piece in this set get it HERE.

Tan we hope this helps

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