Frugal Friday, Impress For Less

Impress for Less: Get Givenchy’s Shark Lock Foldover Wedge Boots like Kim Kardashian, Brandy, Taraji P. Henson ,and LaLa Anthony


I’ve been drooling over these Givenchy boots for the last year.  Kim Kardashian , LaLa Anthony , and Brandy are just some of the many people spotted rocking the stylish boots. The boots look great with dresses, skirts, and apparently  shorts. I mean, who doesn’t love a versatile shoe?  While the boots are gorgeous and I would love to put them in heavy rotation this fall, I just can’t seem to swing the $1,900 for the boots. I’m not quite in that tax bracket, YET!   So as I was browsing for super cute and inexpensive boots  for the season, I stumbled on a pair of boots that were almost identical to the Givenchy wedge boots.


givenchy-black-black-leather-shark-lock-wedge-boots-Enzo-Angiolini- Boots-Damus- Wedge-Boots-2


Thank you sweet Jesus for these Enzo Angiolini Damus Wedge Boots.  The boots are similar without looking like an imitation shoe,  if you catch my drift.


Givenchy Shark Lock Foldover Wedge Boots












Enzo Angiolini Damus Wedge Boots



Enzo-Angiolini- Boots-Damus- Wedge-Boots-4



Enzo-Angiolini- Boots-Damus- Wedge-Boots-2




Enzo-Angiolini- Boots-Damus- Wedge-Boots-



Grab the real or catch these steal below. Happy shopping, Sweeties!



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  1. Just bought these today and I love!!! 40% off at DSW

    1. PrettyPrice says:

      So jealous. Those boots are so hotttt!!!! Good for you snagging that deal though. 40 percent off, you can’t beat that!

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