Real or Steal: Givenchy Shark Sweater VS. Shark Pullover #FrugalFridays

Friday, November 2, 2012 · 1 Comment

Givenchy is the  go to brand for men’s fashion this year. First it was the Rottweiler printed shirt, then the star and stripes sweaters came on the scene, and now everyone is sporting Givenchy’s Shark Print Sweater. From Kanye West to Lebron James men are definitely rolling with Givenchy this fall.

The fit of the sweater seems like its suited for a man instead of woman, but for those ladies who are interested in rocking a Shark printed sweater has one for the fraction of the cost of Givenchy’s. Check out the STEAL

Givenchy Shark Print Sweater Shark Pullover


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One Response to “Real or Steal: Givenchy Shark Sweater VS. Shark Pullover #FrugalFridays”

  1. Based upon how the Givenchy Print Sweater fits the male model I think that a girl could brandish this sweater for sure.

    I think all of the guys look good in the sweater.

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