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Amara knows a thing a two about style.  The Long Beach, Ca native has a style that’s fun, romantic, and girly.  Amara’s  mix of classic and trendy pieces makes her our Friday Fly Philosophy feature. The 18 year old fashion blogger gives us  a taste of real style on her blog Living Life Wasted . When she’s not studying, Amara is modeling and  working towards her ultimate goal,  becoming a fashion stylist. Get a closer look at the self-proclaimed fashion junkie!

Ooh La La Blog: What’s your Fly Philosophy?

I feel like my style is definitely a reflection of my personality. I love dressing to fit my mood and express  what I’m feeling at the moment. I think the main thing about my style is  diversity. I don’t stick to one style or dress the same way all the time. I definitely like to mix it up and experiment with clothes. Some days I feel like dressing fun and edgy and some days I feel like dressing girly and sophisticated, all depending on my mood.

Ooh La La Blog: Where are some of your favorite places to shop? Who are some of your favorite designers?

I wouldn’t say I necessarily have a favorite designer because there’s so many great brands but, I  love to shop at H&M, ASOS, and overall online. I like to find out new online websites that not a lot of people know about and discover new places to shop. Also boutiques and vintage shops are a really good way to find pieces that are one of a kind. I love to shop everywhere and find a piece that catches my eye. Its almost like treasure hunting. You look and look and at the end you discover an amazing fashion find!

Ooh La La Blog: What’s your fashion pet peeve?

One fashion fad that I never really got into was Uggs. I just never got the appeal to them or why so many people where drawn to them. Also living in California made me feel that they were unnecessary because most of the time we have such warm weather. It seems like now the trend has somewhat died down so It doesn’t bother me as much but it was definitely one trend that became my pet peeve.

Ooh La La Blog: What are the top three items in your closet you can’t live without?

My first choice would be a cardigan because of its versatility. You can really dress up or dress down a cardigan and for me is kind of an “essential”. My seconds choice would be black jeans because of the way they can make all the other colors in your outfits pop! And my third and last choice would be some type of blouse. I just think that the flowy material that most blouses are made from makes them so flattering and can add a polished look to any outfit.

Ooh La La Blog: For other girls looking at you and admiring your style give them some tips on how they too can achieve your look.

I would say to just have fun with your style. In fashion you can take risks and experiment with clothing. Try different things that you wouldn’t otherwise try and most of all be comfortable in your skin. Ultimately just don’t limit yourself fashion wise and if you like my personal style you can always check out my blog for some inspiration!

Amara I couldn’t agree with your more, often times people play it safe when it comes to fashion. Try coloring outside of the lines and  just have fun with fashion!  It’s always a breath of fresh air to see REAL style,  REAL people!

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