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Dope T-Shirts or a mean button-up usually do the trick for this Detroit native. Twenty-six year old music producer and graphic arts designer, Omar has a keen sense in style aesthetics and presentation. He appreciates fashion as an art form, and for that reason Ooh La La chose him as our Friday Fly Philosophy feature. Omar credits his love of fashion to the city he calls home, Detroit MI . He says, “In my city you have to dress nice, no exception.” He has certainly gotten the job done, by displaying his less is more style.

Omar shops by the creed, “I can’t snatch it, if I can’t match it.” He says he have to match….coordination is key. He’s an avid online shopper, spending his dollars at sites like KARMALOOP, MOOSESHIRTS, and KIX-FILES. There’s several more, but we can’t give away all of Omar’s hot spots!

You will never catch him in baggy clothes, but does admit a slight sag is essential every now and then. He sends a message to all you folks that’s still wearing AIR FORCE 1’s, “CTRL-ALT-DELETE YO’ SELF,” unless you’re rocking the Nike Foamposite edition he saw here on Ooh La La

To see just how fly Omar is

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  1. Erika
    Mar 09, 2011

    Always been flyy….STA please stand uppppp….lol

  2. S.T.A.
    Oct 10, 2010

    Another fresh dude of the Street Team Affiliates umbrella!!! S.T.A. all day twice on sundays #HELLO

  3. jackie evancho
    Oct 09, 2010

    I haven’t much to say on this time but you do great job and appreciate your blog.

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