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Nike should give this guy an endorsement deal PRONTO! When it comes to Air Max and retro J’s he has at least three pair of EACH! The Real Hip Hop daily co-founder, Drew Sanders isn’t bragging about all he has, matter of fact he’s paying it forward. He recently donated an extensive amount of his shoe collection to the less fortunate. For his generous spirit and his fresher then fresh style, Ooh La La Blog chose Drew Sanders as our Friday Fly Philosophy Feature.

Drew is another guy who’s adopted the less is more style, never trying too hard to match. He does it effortlessly, in a simple tee, a crisp pair of Levis 511 jeans, and some fresh kicks. Just like the wind he can change his mind and mood, which allows him to express his style in a different way. We can even catch the Fly Nation Movement founder looking a bit more polished and pristine with a nice button down, a classic sweater, and boots.

This New York native loves to shop at Barney’s Co-op. He says, “If I was a mannequin, I would be in the window of that store. I will go broke in that place.”  Since his recent move to Atlanta, Drew has been spending his cash in ATL’s fashion hot spots like Standard and Wish.

The future entertainment mogul says remember the name, but don’t think you’ll see it on his belt though. He hates to see those things coming, along with dirty shoes, and those baggy t-shirts Dem Franchize Boyz talked about.

There’s two things we love here at Ooh La La Blog, and that’s a person’s grind and style. Drew Sanders has both. Ooh La La Blog salutes you.

To see how fly Drew really is

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