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Jumpsuits are staple pieces for this summer fashion season.  These fun, and often time sexy jumpsuits are a staple piece  for the summer. So, put down those rompers and try on a jumpsuit for size.  Jumpsuits are made to look good on every figure, it’s just all about picking the perfect cut for your body type. To help you get started we pulled jumpsuit for every budget.  Check it out below.

These jumpsuits range in price from $1,500 to $300. While these are beautiful pieces to look at, they can damage your budget unless you have ” Money to blow” * in my drake voice*

The jumpsuits retails any where between $190 to $100.00. These jumpsuits are also hot, and definitely be in your wardrobe. The price makes it a bit more realistic, and more possible that any one of these could end up in your closet.

You wouldn’t need to budget these jumpsuits into your spending account , because some are priced as low as $9.00. That’s a buy a girl only dreams of.

To take a closer look at any of these jumpsuits, or to take a peek at the other jumpsuits we’ve pulled , check out our  Polyvore collection. Check them out and tell us what you think.

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