Louis Vuitton Tower Sneaker “Black Checkerboards”

Friday, September 10, 2010 · 2 Comments
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Louis Vuitton is making its imprint as usual this 2010 Fall/Winter season. Being a high-end brand and impossible of plagiarizing(sarcastic voice), the Louis Vuitton Tower creation strongly resembles the Nike Vandal sneaker. It seems as Louis Vuitton had some inspiration by their Kanye West collaboration from last summer. Nevertheless, Louis Vuitton continuously aim, shoots, and kills on every delivery.  More about what I call the “Black Checkerboards” after the jump. Pun intended!! via HS

Louis Vuitton Tower Sneaker Boot in Damier Braided Leather Price: $790.00 LouisVuitton

Louis Vuitton Tower Sneaker Damier Braided Calf Leather Price: $730.00 LouisVuitton

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