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Fashion News: H&M Launches Online Store in U.S. #FrugalFriday


Savvy Shoppers rejoice! We can now grab our H&M must haves ONLINE (*Insert school girl squeal*)! This might be the best news I got all week. Let me explain. The closest H&M to me is four hours away in Atlanta,so shopping online will be a life saver. The last time H&M was down the street from me was six years ago when I was a graduate student at Syracuse University. Believe it or not, I still own a few pieces I purchased from the store back in 2006 and 2007. Yes, H&M has been helping me create great fashion moments for years and I ready to continue via the online store. I’m not wasting time either, check out what’s already in my shopping bag.

















HM-Boyfriend- Low-Jeans-


Sweeties, what’s in your shopping bag?


P.S. For all my plus-size fashion mavens H&M’s online store will offer sizes up to a 24.

Happy shopping!

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