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Snag Her Style: Get Mary Jane Paul’s Roksanda Ilincic Wyatt Pleated Crepe Dress #BeingMaryJane

Being-mary-jane-roksanda-ilincic-yellow-wyatt-pleated-crepe-dress-being mary-jane-striped-dress-season-two-episode-six-15


It’s no denying it, the writing for this season of “Being Mary Jane”  has been phenomenal. So many taboo social issues are being brought to the forefront and I love it. In Tuesday night’s show Mary Jane takes on mental illness after the episode opens up with a black attorney committing suicide on national television.

Being-mary-jane-roksanda-ilincic-yellow-wyatt-pleated-crepe-dress-being mary-jane-striped-dress-season-two-episode-six-16

M.J. also goes toe-to-toe with her frenemy, Lisa, who is also battling her own mental health issues. But Mary Jane wasn’t here for the drama. She delivered shade like a reality show cast member. I’m talking major shade.And like every episode this season David and Mary Jane found themselves together again. Of course our favorite tv anchor woman handled all of her life drama in style.

Being-mary-jane-roksanda-ilincic-yellow-wyatt-pleated-crepe-dress-being mary-jane-striped-dress-season-two-episode-six-9

One of my favorite looks was her statement sheath dress.  M.J. sashayed around Atlanta and on the SNC set in a Roksanda Ilincic striped sheath dress.The colors and the movement were perfection.

Being-mary-jane-roksanda-ilincic-yellow-wyatt-pleated-crepe-dress-being mary-jane-striped-dress-season-two-episode-six-2


The yellow, black, and light blue paneled dress features a black grosgrain waist belt, along with pleated panels.The best part is the fun slit hemline.


Being-mary-jane-roksanda-ilincic-yellow-wyatt-pleated-crepe-dress-being mary-jane-striped-dress-season-two-episode-six-


Being-mary-jane-roksanda-ilincic-yellow-wyatt-pleated-crepe-dress-being mary-jane-striped-dress-season-two-episode-six-7

As soon as the show was over my mom called wanting all the deets on  M.J.’s dress. Mother like daughter.

Being-mary-jane-roksanda-ilincic-yellow-wyatt-pleated-crepe-dress-being mary-jane-striped-dress-season-two-episode-six-12

Too bad mommy and others  fawning over Mary Jane’s Roksanda frock will have to look else where. The dress is nearly sold out. Boutique1.com has only two sizes, but that should be expected from a dress that made its fashion debut almost two years ago.

Being-mary-jane-roksanda-ilincic-yellow-wyatt-pleated-crepe-dress-being mary-jane-striped-dress-season-two-episode-six-14

Did you love May Jane’s multicolor dress or did another look catch your eye?  Tell me what  do you think of M.J.’s style direction this season?

Image: BET

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  1. James Bullock III says:

    How can I order this dress for my wife before her birthday on May 8th?

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