Magazine Fab: Ebony Celebrates Black Love in February 2014 Issue

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Ebony-Celebrates- Black-Love- in- February 2014-Issue-


I always anticipate the February issue of EBONY to see which black power couples will be featured in their “Black Love” issue. This year there are three covers featuring Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, Lala Anthony and Carmelo Anthony, and David and Tamela Mann. Check out how these couples keep the fire burning in their relationships.


Ebony-Celebrates- Black-Love- in- February 2014-Issue-3

“I pray and ask God to keep my heart and my eyes burning only for David Mann. I speak his name in my prayers, because I want the desire to stay, so when he touches me, I get chills,” said Tamela Mann.


Carmelo covers.indd

LaLa  Anthony told EBONY, “We knew no matter what, we wanted each other. We needed [to be] in each other’s life, and that’s what’s been able to sustain this relationship all those years.


Ebony-Celebrates- Black-Love- in- February 2014-Issue-

“Having babies definitely strengthened our bond because all the love that you have for each other is manifested into these two incredible being” said Mariah Carey. 

I’m so in LOVE with the idea of being in LOVE, but to hear how these couples have sustained their relationships shows me there’s more to LOVE than just being in LOVE.
Who is your favorite black power couple?
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