Impress For Less: Get Mary Jane Paul’s Yellow Blazer and Black Sheath Dress #BeingMaryJane

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Being-Mary-Jane- Yellow-Blazer-Black-Sheath- Dress-BET-being-mary-jane-fashion-2


Did you watch BET’s “Being Mary Jane” last night? I tuned in for many reasons, but initially I was drawn to the show because the main character,  Mary Jane Paul ( played by Gabrielle Union) is a news anchor. I’m a television reporter and wanted to make sure the role stayed true to the day-to-day operations of a newsroom. It did.

Being-Mary-Jane- Yellow-Blazer-Black-Sheath- Dress-BET-being-mary-jane-fashion-

Mary Jane’s job wasn’t the only realistic part of the show. From  her dysfunctional family, to the stresses of success the show’s creator , Mara Brock Akil,  gave us real -life situations that many people can relate to. In addition to the great writing, the styling was also on point. Gabrielle Union aka Mary Jane Paul served up anchor desk realness. One look that stands out is her yellow cropped blazer and black sheath dress with leather detailing. GORG!


When your on television, colors and prints matter a lot. A crazy print can freak the camera out, but bright colors can make you pop and bring you to life on set. I approve of  Mary Jane’s look. In fact, I’m trying to recreate her look for my work wardrobe. If you’re like me, you’ll love these options below:




Being-Mary-Jane- Yellow-Blazer-Black-Sheath- Dress-BET-being-mary-jane-fashion-4

I can’t wait until the series start. I’m already hooked. The first three minutes got my attention, but the writing sold me. What are your thoughts? Will you be tuning in?

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