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Style Files With PrettyPrice: Pink Forever 21 Blouse, Red Pencil Skirt, Bubblegum Pink BCBG Pumps




I never know how my day will end up . It can start off great and then end terribly wrong.  So here’s what happened Wednesday. I started my day  off like any other day. I cooked my bacon and made my cup of coffee and headed to work. My morning meeting was a success. I got my assignments and headed out the door, so I’m good. NOT. Two of my interviews canceled, so I spent the rest of the day scrambling to get two more stories. No fun! At least I was kinda of cute, while chasing stories with my camera and 70 pound tripod. It’s tough out here for a one-man-band reporter. Jesus be a photog.


I’ve been on this mission to have a fun yet professional work wardrobe, so I’ve been dropping bits of color and prints into my daily look.  Yesterday I wore my favorite hot pink Forever 21 blouse. Seriously, I’ve got my money worth and then some with this shirt. I paired the blouse with a red pencil skirt that I scored at the thrift store.


I finished the look with bubble gum pink BCBGirls pumps. I’ve had these babies since 2007. I’m the queen of throwback pieces.



Despite my canceled interviews and my late return to the newsroom I still made my deadline.  Oh, did  I tell you I was live in the 6 0’clock.  #ReporteProblems.

What kind of week are you having? Smile, the weekend is near!

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