Style Watch: Amir James Clothier Group Celebrates One Year Anniversary

Friday, January 18, 2013 · 1 Comment

It’s been one full year since  Amir James Clothier Group launched, and since then the brand has expanded beyond its signature tee. The AJCG Brand started off as just an idea thought of in college. Its since emerged into a lifestyle line that’s rich in quality and creativity. Surviving the first year in the fashion industry wasn’t a small feat for owners, Amir James. The brand experienced growing pains, but has also experienced much success. In honor of Amir James Clothier Group’s one-year anniversary we caught up with the team behind the brand to get a closer look at their first year in the industry.

Ooh La La: Tell us about the successes Amir James Clothier Group has experienced since the launch last year?

The launch date for Amir James Clothiers brand was January 15th 2012. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to obtain a plethora of experience within the fashion industry as well as building relationships with other companies. Networking has allowed the brand to be engaged in several events/sponsorships including Essence Festival 2012, fashion shows, and athletic organizations. Establishing a foundation in various regions, with different consumers, has given the brand the necessary exposure and leverage to progress in the right direction. A major success thus far is just being able to achieve a solid year of business and having been presented the opportunity to speak on it.

Ooh La La: What can we expect from AJCG in 2013?

For this second upcoming year, people can expect to see Amir James propel to new heights creatively, reach more consumers on a national scale, and solidify the brand as a staple in the fashion world. This means new ventures, additional collections, more sponsorship, in addition to collaboratively developed, multi-brand exclusives. There is a documentary in the works to help illustrate this journey and give people a better understanding of our vision and how we’re going about realizing our goals. Essentially, we want to continue to build on the foundation that was set throughout the first year and further maximize our exposure on a national scale.

Ooh La La: Looking back on the past year, what are some things you would do differently? Are there any learning lesson you would like to share?

In retrospect, one of the greatest learning lessons has been grasping the concept that you inevitably cannot possibly do everything on your own. It’s literally not possible. At the end of the day, you have to understand that there are only so many hours in a day, and that there’s only so much that can be done within those hours. Anything more will lead to a lot of mishaps and in turn stagnation. Surround yourself with a power circle who shares the same energy, ambition, and positive drive for the business. There are solid people who add to the value and progression of the Amir James brand whom we could not thank enough.

If you’re looking for the what’s next in street wear, Amir James Clothier Group is your answer.  The lifestyle brand gives you luxury without breaking the bank. To stay connected and shop, visit  AJCG  at

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    Jan 18, 2013

    I got to get me some AmirJames its so dope…PLUS im tired of wearing POLO everybody look the same…ROY BROWN from HARLEM WHOAAA!!!!

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