Life + Style: Somewhere Between Going for Mine and Practicing Patience

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Don’t rush it ! I’ve literally been thinking about those three words for about a month. That’s when I got my first taste of spring. It had finally stopped raining. The temperatures jumped to the 70s. Two days later it was freezing again. My friend told me , stop trying to rush spring. She was right, it will happen when God gives Mother Nature the cue. And, it happened! Finally, it’s spring! Continue Reading »

Style Files: Spring Colors You Should add to Your Work Wardrobe

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It’s finally spring and that means wardrobe changes. Now that the sun is shining more and the temperatures are picking up, I want to infuse more bright colors to the mix, especially in my work wardrobe. Continue Reading »

Style Guide: Thrifting 101, Five Tips to Help You Thrift Shop Like a Boss

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If I had a dollar every time someone gave me a compliment on my look and I replied, “It’s thrifted,” I would have a nice little savings. At one point, I thrifted once a week. I walked away with gems. One of a kind pieces that would blow my mind that someone would let go. My major finds are always coats. Statement coats are my signature. If I wasn’t scoring statement coats, it was work wear that was filling my cart. Yes, carts are needed. I had a season where 90 percent of my work wardrobe was thrifted.

Now that it’s clear, I’m a certified thrifter. I learned from my mother and then added a few more tips to help me make the best of my shopping experience.

I’m sharing some of my biggest tips to help you. If you want to thrift , but are apprehensive about trying it, continue reading for tips to get you through your first visit. Continue Reading »

Life + Style: Long-Distance Love, Five Tips to Help Make It Work

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love this Hallmark holiday. I celebrate love and share love anytime I can. So, a holiday dedicated to spreading love, makes my heart smile. Some people hate Valentine’s Day because it reminds them they’re single. For the last three years I’ve spent February 14th as a single woman, casually dating, and in a serious relationship. My love life is a real roller coaster ride. This year I’m in a serious relationship, but he lives nearly 1,000 miles away. That’s far. I’m talking no direct flights, far.

Long distance is tough, but here are a few tips to help make it a little less challenging. Continue Reading »

Life + Style: Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

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New year, new month, and an evolving me! I thought this week would be the perfect time to get many of you who are the new to Ooh La La an opportunity to learn more about me, the woman behind the blog.

For others who have supported Ooh La La for years, thank you! And this is our time to get reacquainted. A lot has changed since I started this blog many moons ago. Continue Reading »

Life + Style: New Year, Slightly Different Me

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Happy New Year!

Thank goodness for second chances. After completely failing during the first full week of the year, I’m back at it. Alabama lost the National Championship Football game, I became so sick my body was weak, and it was a complete struggle at work. Not this week. I’m starting fresh. The goals and plans I was ready to put in motion last week, I’m giving it a go this week.

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Style Guide: How to Stay Warm and Stylish During the Winter Months

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Guess who won’t freeze this winter? I’ve quietly filled my closet with enough gear to make sure I’m warm and stylish AF! As the great Trinidad James would say, “Don’t believe me, just watch.”
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Style Files: Fresh Take on Traditional Houndstooth Print

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Raise your hand if you’re trying to buy Christmas gifts, but you’re finding everything for yourself. Ladies, it’s been tough. All of my favs are on sale and it’s hard for me to exercise restraint. It’s the shopaholic in me. If you find yourself in the same boat and truly need to start buying holiday presents, I’m going to help you out. I have the perfect gift idea for the fashionista in your family. Houndstooth.

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