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LaQuan Smith debuted his latest LQS collection entitled  “Hard Candy” and it’s  really a treat. This collection is full of playful print, vibrant colors, and sexy silhouettes. I can’t wait to see who will have his pieces on and how they will style the look. My favorite looks are Pink Taffy, Sour Apple, Mimosa. Toasted Almond,Pralines and Cream, and Toffee. That’s almost half of the collection, but hey I like what I like.  Check out the pictures from his look book below.

I don’t know about y’all, but after viewing this look book I now want a bowl of ice cream or some type of candy!!! YUM

Curvy Girls Don’t Cry, They Get Fly

Thursday, March 17, 2011 · 3 Comments

So I’ve never been your typical skinny girl. My mom has curves so naturally I was bound to have them too.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a goal weight that I strive to be and I know I will get there one day soon. But until that time comes, I refuse to hide behind frumpy clothes and feel like I can’t be sexy, fashionable, and fabulous just because I’m curvilicious! Take notice that I use the term curvy instead of plus size. I hate the term plus size because what is PLUS to some, is just right for others.

To read more on a young woman’s journey  on staying  fly and fabulous
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Today concludes our ” Working It ” series.  This was a week long project, that was aimed at revamping your work wardrobe. Today, I paired a classy dress, with edgy accessories.  I included edgy accessories to go along with this classy dress, for balance. The dress is perfect for work and the trench coat, brings the look all the way in. I’m sure it’s something you can pull off. Check the look below.

Ready For Work

Ready For Work by Oohlalablog featuring skull jewelry

I’ve enjoyed this week long series that allowed you to have fun with your work wardrobe. I hope you start trying new things with your “work clothes.”  If you’re ever unsure if something will work or not feel free to shoot us an email with your questions.


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It’s Thursday’s edition of our “Working It” series. Today we’re definitely taking a risk with this emerald green dress. Since the dress is a solid color and not a print we can get away with it for a work environment. We paired the dress with another risky item, these Emilio Pucci leopard and stud booties.  We added a brown leather bag and brown bangle. We also added some gold accents in the form of stud earrings.

Check out the look below.

Ready For Work

Ready For Work by Oohlalablog featuring draped dresses


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It’s not quite winter any more and it’s not summer yet, so what kind of jacket should  you wear in this transitional time? A trench Coat. I informed you guys on trench coats before, but I found a black one that I loved. Unfortunately, the one I loved was Burberry and would cost me 11-hundred dollars. Lucky for me, I found some cheaper black trench coats. One  is from Topshop, and the other from Wal Mart. Yes, Wal Mart!

Burberry Twill Trench Coat $1,195

Top Shop Black Classic Belted Trench Coat $160.00

Norma Kamali – Women’s Trench Coat $35.00


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It’s day three of our ” Working It ” series. We want you to have fun with your look for work. Instead of wearing stuffy suits,try adding a bold print or a funky blazer. Today we took it back to the basics, it’s a look everyone can pull off. We went with all black everything. What makes this look more contemporary, is the jacket and accessories. The jacket has just enough edge to it, where it’s not over the top.  We added simple black pumps and a spiked cuff.

Ready For Work

Ready For Work by Oohlalablog featuring tribal jewelry


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This is the second installment of ” Working-It.” Did you guys try something different with your look for work yet or are you sticking to the basics?  Today we paired a simple black pencil skirt with a printed blouse. We added a pop of color with the shoes and purse. The royal blue pumps and belt are the needed punch of color for the black skirt and printed blouse.  The red purse is also added flare. Who says you have to match your shoes and bags, not me! This is a look everyone can pull off. Try out a similar look sometime this week.

Ready For Work

Ready For Work by Oohlalablog featuring drop earrings


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Figuring out just what to wear to work can be a daunting task for lots of women. You don’t want to look too stuffy, but you don’t want to look like it’s Friday night at the Sizzler either, so finding the perfect balance is key. Now I like to have fun in the dress department, so I might add extra flare here and there. This week we decided to dress you for work. Check back every night to get ideas on how to have fun with your ” Work Clothes” while  still looking  professional.  Here’s our look for Monday.

Ready For Work

Ready For Work by Oohlalablog featuring suede pumps

What do you think of the look? Would you wear this to work?