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It’s not quite winter any more and it’s not summer yet, so what kind of jacket should  you wear in this transitional time? A trench Coat. I informed you guys on trench coats before, but I found a black one that I loved. Unfortunately, the one I loved was Burberry and would cost me 11-hundred dollars. Lucky for me, I found some cheaper black trench coats. One  is from Topshop, and the other from Wal Mart. Yes, Wal Mart!

Burberry Twill Trench Coat $1,195

Top Shop Black Classic Belted Trench Coat $160.00

Norma Kamali – Women’s Trench Coat $35.00


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It’s day three of our ” Working It ” series. We want you to have fun with your look for work. Instead of wearing stuffy suits,try adding a bold print or a funky blazer. Today we took it back to the basics, it’s a look everyone can pull off. We went with all black everything. What makes this look more contemporary, is the jacket and accessories. The jacket has just enough edge to it, where it’s not over the top.  We added simple black pumps and a spiked cuff.

Ready For Work

Ready For Work by Oohlalablog featuring tribal jewelry


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This is the second installment of ” Working-It.” Did you guys try something different with your look for work yet or are you sticking to the basics?  Today we paired a simple black pencil skirt with a printed blouse. We added a pop of color with the shoes and purse. The royal blue pumps and belt are the needed punch of color for the black skirt and printed blouse.  The red purse is also added flare. Who says you have to match your shoes and bags, not me! This is a look everyone can pull off. Try out a similar look sometime this week.

Ready For Work

Ready For Work by Oohlalablog featuring drop earrings


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Figuring out just what to wear to work can be a daunting task for lots of women. You don’t want to look too stuffy, but you don’t want to look like it’s Friday night at the Sizzler either, so finding the perfect balance is key. Now I like to have fun in the dress department, so I might add extra flare here and there. This week we decided to dress you for work. Check back every night to get ideas on how to have fun with your ” Work Clothes” while  still looking  professional.  Here’s our look for Monday.

Ready For Work

Ready For Work by Oohlalablog featuring suede pumps

What do you think of the look? Would you wear this to work?


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Ladies the Holiday “Hottness” continues. Here’s a style inspiration for those of you still wondering what to wear your company, family, or friend’s Christmas party. This time I’m giving you a taste of the Christmas Season with a traditional holiday color like red. Although, I’m giving you a traditional color, I’m doing it in an unconventional way. So instead of  a solid red dress, try a red dress with a funky print.

This red and black houndstooth dress is a fun approach to rocking red for Christmas. Since the print is busy, you want to stay simple with the accessories. Try a black pump and black jewelry to tie the whole look in. Since your being creative with the dress, have fun with the accessories too. I paired the dress with embellished shoes, earrings, and a ring. This works because the pieces are all black giving it a cohesive feel. Happy Holidays!


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Shearling jackets should be in everyone’s closet by now, but if you’ve been living under a rock for these past few months let me tell you about this season’s hottest jacket …. a slightly cropped shearling jacket. The plush shearling fabric has been upgraded by top designers to make it the hot ticket item this winter. The ubber chic jacket has been referred to as the next generation leather motto jacket. The shearling jacket can sometimes come with a price tag that can blow your mind and budget. Since we believe everyone deserves to be fly, no matter how much money you may have, we’ve found some shearling jackets that can fit in every budget. Check em out when you
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It’s the holidays, so that means parties galore. Our inbox is in overload from our readers wanting to know what to wear to their holiday engagements. Here’s a little style inspiration to get you going. We’ll continue to bring you holiday hottness throughout the season.

Just because it’s Christmas time doesn’t mean you have to get your Johnny Gill on and slip on a red dress. Ladies try another bold color dress, like fuchsia. Pair the dress with a metallic or glitter shoe to give you a festive vibe. Add sparkle accessories and  this cool grey embellished blazer to turn an ordinary party look into an extraordinary look.


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Forget what’s for dinner, the real question is what are you wearing to dinner?  Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I treat the holidays like a fashion show for my family so looking nice is important. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to wear, let Oohlalablog dress you. I created three looks for our readers to choose from. Check out what I found.

The first look is a flirty skirt with a cable knit cardigan. I think the skirt and sweater are safe so have fun with the footwear. Try a bold print shoe to and a little POW to your look. I like wearing skirts and dresses so this would be a perfect cute but casual look for me. Does it work for you?

The next look is for my readers who might get a little snow or cooler temperatures this Thanksgiving. These herringbone pants will give you something to cover those legs and the fur vest will keep you warm as well. The crystal embellishment on the shoulder  of the vest is a nice touch of femininity. I added funky jewelry and a nice leather bag to complete the look. Are you feeling this look?

If you want to keep if very simple I’m sure you will love this last look. I paired these Levi skinny jeans with a fur lined blazer. I love the cognac color the fur is in. I also found these shoes that went perfect with the look. I hate to be too matchy-matchy but, I think this works. This blue-violet clutch is a great added accessory. Would you wear this look?