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Life + Style: Three Ways to Ditch Self Doubt and Be Your Own Cheerleader

  I’m often reminded that if I continue to work hard I will accomplish all the goals I’ve set out to achieve. Sending me these reminders are people I love and who support my often crazy dreams.I appreciate their encouragement. Seriously, I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude. But I realized I can’t …

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Life + Style: Somewhere Between Going for Mine and Practicing Patience

    Don’t rush it ! I’ve literally been thinking about those three words for about a month. That’s when I got my first taste of spring. It had finally stopped raining. The temperatures jumped to the 70s. Two days later it was freezing again. My friend told me , stop trying to rush spring. …

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Life+Style: Strong Support Systems and Why it’s Okay to Ask for Help

  I’m a working woman balancing my career, my blog, friendships and a relationship. It’s hard for a woman who’s trying to have it all, but you don’t have to do it alone.I learned a while ago that’s it’s okay to ask for help while working towards success. I’ve stayed on track because of my …

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Life+Style: Three Tips to Help You Win The Week in Style

Monday mornings are probably the most hated moment of the week. We spend the entire weekend living our best life and boom, Monday rolls around. We feel like Cinderella when the clock struck 12. We act as if Monday just came out of no where, when it fact it happens every week, whether we’re prepared …

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Life + Style: New Year, Slightly Different Me

  Happy New Year! Thank goodness for second chances. After completely failing during the first full week of the year, I’m back at it. Alabama lost the National Championship Football game, I became so sick my body was weak, and it was a complete struggle at work. Not this week. I’m starting fresh. The goals …

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Life + Style: Stop Apologizing for Your Greatness

As women we apologize too much. We apologize for really small things like being too busy to attend a friend gathering and we apologize for big things, like our greatness. That’s major. We are constantly dimming our light, with the goal to not shine too bright and make someone else uncomfortable. That has to stop.