Shopping: Feeling My Fedora for the Fall

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I often find myself primping in the mirror and I’m not all the way sold on my look. It’s not until I add that one piece in the mix that I’m completely in love with the look. Here lately that one piece is usually a hat. Whether it’s a cute beanie or a snapback, hats have quickly became my favorite go-to-accessory. And this fall it’s all about the fedora. I can’t wait to add it to my looks. It gives everything a cool vibe. Not sure how to wear it, don’t worry we have you covered. Check out a few ways to rock a fedora this fall. Continue Reading »

Snapbacks for Crowns

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 · No Comments
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Have you ever heard the phrase coined “History repeats itself”?? Sure you have!! If you have any sense of fashion for spotting trends-you know like I know that snapback hats has reemerged. Snapbacks made an imprint in the 80’s and 90’s reigning supreme before fitted caps was created. These attention striking hats complimented by ol’school teams and colorways will pride its owner as a crown does a king. So when you get hold of a snapback and someone ask you what you are wearing, respond cordially by saying “Snapbacks for Crowns”.  More pics available below courtesy of Cashletes
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Trick or Treat!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 · No Comments
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Trick or Treat!!!! That’s the first thing that comes to mind whenever I see the black and orange color scheme. I remember hearing the birds chirp a familiar tune and the air being filled with a particular scent! To me this was indication that school was back in and Halloween was right around the corner. If you are any fan of the holiday and its commonplace tradition you should love the Nike SB Dunk Pro Low in Black/White-Orange Blaze. Check out more shots after the jump thanks to STREEThing
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