While the rest of the world was going natural through their scalp, I started going natural through my fingertips. Since I wasn’t getting acrylic tips and overlays any more I went back to painting my own nails. This meant I was buying polishes galore and trying any  new nail kits. Back in June, Sephora introduced minx inspired  stencil kits. I bought two sets and loved them. I also had a few cons. Earlier this month I saw Sally Hansen’s kit at Wal Mart and tried them out.  I really loved that set too.  So here it goes….

Sephoria Pro’s

The designs are cute and doesn’t look too young

There are several designs to choose from.

Easy to apply

Easy to remove

Plenty of strips included, strips come in a variety of sizes.

Sephoria Con’s

Doesn’t last long on my nails ( 3 days tops)

Hard to file down and remove the excess material.

Doesn’t look as natural

The price ($16.00)

Sally Hansen  Pro’s

Easy to Apply

Several designs to choose from

Looks very natural

Easy to remove

Plenty of strips included, strips come in a variety of sizes

Comes with a finger file  and other utensils needed for the application

The price ($8.50)

Sally Hansen Con’s

Many of the designs would appeal to a younger group of  women

The strips are easy to loose

Here are few of the Sally Hansen designs I tried on my nails

Here are the Sephora OPI strip pictures

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